Musical Memory

29 Feb Musical Memory

This morning in my car I was thinking about how music can recall to mind a certain very specific moment. It was this song:

I remembered being on the Amtrak from Albany to New York. It was the summer of 2012 and I had a seat on the side of the train with a beautiful morning view of the Hudson River. I was on the way back to the city to catch my flight back to New Orleans. That song is a journeying song, and I remember looking out at the water, thinking about where I was going and where I’d been.

Photo Feb 29, 9 59 08 AMDuring that train ride, I was working on a historical romance manuscript. It’s actually not a bad book, though I never revised it to the point of submitting to agents. (I wrote the story I wanted to, decided it would be foolish to debut in adult romance when that wasn’t really what I wanted to write, and set it aside.) But listening to that song recalled me to that specific moment, and I realized that MS was my last practice book.

That winter I would have an idea and that idea would become RIVERBORN. That was the book that got me an agent. After five manuscripts, that was the one that made it.

Today I’m thinking it’s important to not forget where you’ve been.

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