SONG OF THE CURRENT gets a starred review from Kirkus!

08 Mar SONG OF THE CURRENT gets a starred review from Kirkus!


SONG OF THE CURRENT is 3 months from release, which means news and reviews are starting to roll in a little faster. This week Kirkus Reviews posted their review, and they gave it a star!

Caro’s description of her boat home, the Cormorant, will make even readers unfamiliar with sailing feel as though they belong on the water with her. Tolcser blends the right amount of epic fantasy, sea voyage, and romance for a rollicking, swashbuckling adventure.

Look at that money quote! This was my first big professional review, like, ever, and I was not expecting a star. But it did get me reflecting last week after I found out. I’m having a little bit of a “Look at where we are, look at where we started” moment.

I think some aspiring writers start out resistant to editing. SONG OF THE CURRENT is Exhibit A of a book that benefited from input from great editors. At the query stage, it got a lot of interest, but it also got rejections that mentioned the pacing of the first half. It was my agent Susan’s idea to make the beginning less passive and cut 20,000 words from the book, and my editor Cat’s idea to switch up some events and add more secrets in the first third of the book to create more tension. So now that I’m starting to get reviews saying how it’s “rollicking” and “fast-paced”, I have to throw some credit in their direction. I’m pretty sure I wrote WITTY BANTER, WITTY BANTER, DESCRIPTION OF WATER, WITTY BANTER.

So this book is a perfect example of why you should not resist editing. Pacing is a weakness for me. Overuse of clever dialogue is a weakness for me. Editing is someone else seeing the story through your weaknesses and things you have tendencies to overdo. Hopefully what happens is you weed out the extra “stuff” in your writing that’s preventing readers from seeing with clarity the story you meant to tell. I was incredibly lucky to have amazing editors who put in a lot of time to make this book better. So, STARS FOR ALL OF US! WHOO!

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